If you are a parent or a teacher looking for an easy way to create treasure hunts ANYWHERE, you want Color Clues! It is good for all ages since the clues are auditory, not written, and the clues are a color pattern, so no reading is necessary to complete the hunt and successfully reach the “treasure.” I give it the highest of recommendations!

Kristin Romberg, Educator

Color Clues is an excellent introductory tool for kids to learn about puzzle hunts.

Dale Yu, Opinionated Gamers

“It is a great game that everyone should try. It has everything that it should have, and everything works out. When I played it, I didn’t know much about it. It is really fun. I liked solving the puzzles. It is awesome.

Liam, 7 year-old

Friends with toddlers! My friend Jesse just launched this cool customizable treasure hunting game for kids, which allows kids to follow clues and find treasure all on their own, even before they’re able to read. Please check it out!

Molly Miranda, Tech Industry, Mom

My toddler loves it, and it gives me a break! My son (2 and a half) loves the treasure hunts. Some of the ready made ones have incredible voices, and the app makes it super easy to put a hunt together in just a few minutes.


Hands on fun and innovative idea. This is a great game to get kids to use their critical thinking skills while also getting them look up and around their environment (away from the phone/screens!) . Though the game is connected through an app kids are required to move around while searching for their clues, meanwhile they are noticing small details about their surroundings, and doing things that they wouldn’t necessarily be doing on just any game on the phone- awesome idea!


Enjoyed many different levels of this fast-paced, fun game with lots of age groups.

Hoosier Renegade

Finally a wholesome game on an electronic device that is not violent. Highly recommended


Color Clues is a fun way to mesh technology (an app) with a timeless game (treasure hunts) timeless. I highly recommend it!


The kids love it! A big hit at my house!


Great fun for my Pre-reader. This is such a fun game, gets my son running up, down and all around! It’s easy to set up a hunt, and even easier to use a premade one. Typing in the clues is easy and intuitive for him.


I’ve done this a bunch of times with my three kids. They love it and ask for it all the time. It’s a great way to make treasure hunts. Very customizable and easy to do in other languages. I’ve done the included hunts and my own. Lots of fun!

 Beth Huston

Lots of fun for my 2 and 3 year olds!

Brady Mark

LoreWe love color clues. It is super fun for our 5 year-old

Kristin Hardie

My four year old has so much fun doing these scavenger hunts. He loves trying to solve the riddles and using the clues to find each hiding place.” -Ali Vanek“Such a great idea for kids!

Graham Fuller

Great way to set up treasure hunts for kids.

Chad Butt

My four year old loves these scavenger hunts

Mary Schmitt

My kids love going on adventures all around our house — and I can’t wait to take it outside during the summer . Highly recommended!!


Some of the ready made ones have incredible voices, and the app makes it super easy to put a hunt together in just a few minutes.