Color Clues treasure hunts are being set up in a number of libraries right now.  Librarians from the Madison Public Library helped develop clues that will work in almost any kids’ section, which means your local library could set up an engaging challenge for young readers and pre-readers in less than 10 minutes.  

Benefits for a library:

  • Free, quality programming
  • Get kids exploring all parts of your kids’ section
  • Engage your pre-readers with a literary puzzle they can solve all on their own
  • Challenge older kids with riddles, vocabulary words, and library skills like using  your catalog
  • Use pre-made clues that will work in almost any kids’ section, allowing you to set up a full set of treasure hunts in less than 10 minutes
  • Create your own treasure hunts to highlight specific areas of your library, meet your own learning objectives, dovetail with existing programs, or just because you’ve thought up your own fun riddle
  • Have groups of kids solve treasure hunts together, or let parents play individually with their kids.
  • Free publicity for your library

Museums, Zoos, Stores, and more!

Museums, zoos, stores, and other private locations can also get in on the fun by creating treasure hunts within their facilities.  This is an excellent way to engage your younger visitors.  Get kids exploring all the corners of your space, and include valuable information within the clues as they go, targeting different age groups with age-appropriate details that are just right for them.  You can use Color Clues like a self-guided tour program for kids, turning their visit into an exciting adventure.  You’ll also draw new visitors who see your treasure hunt in the list of public hunts available near them.  If you are interested in working with Color Clues to create a treasure hunt in your facility, please contact Jesse Foote: [email protected]