New Adventures for Your Kids

Parents can easily set up thrilling treasure hunts for their kids in their own homes.

Create your own clues to match your kids’ abilities and specific areas of your house, or draw from a list of pre-made treasure hunts that will fit most homes.

It only takes a couple minutes to set up a treasure hunt in your house, then watch your kids run all over solving the clues on their own.

Need ideas for clue locations? Click here.

Pre-Made Treasure Hunts - Ready to Use!

Horse Lost Yer Book

Follow where the horse stomped around yer house to get yer book back, written by guest author Erica Rivinoja

Gnome Stole Your Hat

A gnome has hidden your child’s hat somewhere in the house, and she or he has to find it!

Aliens Left a Surprise

Aliens visited your home and left your child a surprise…

Trail to Bed

Your child will follow this hidden trail toward bedtime, brushing their teeth and putting on their pajamas along the way.

Pirates Took Your Shoes

A pirate took your child’s shoes!  They’ll have to follow the clues to get them back.

Endless Possibilities on a Flexible Platform

Send your kids chasing clues out in your yard, down the block, or at a nearby park.

Create a treasure hunt for your next birthday party, to find presents or party favors or just to get all the kids working together to solve riddles and search for clues.

Set up a treasure hunt at a family gathering, using other adults as clue ‘locations,’ requiring kids to talk with all their relatives… at least enough to get the next code!

Have an older kid create a treasure hunt for a younger sibling or friend.

Make a treasure hunt for your spouse or friend, to find a gift, an engagement ring, or just for fun – there’s no reason treasure hunts have to be limited just to kids!

The sky is the limit!  Post all your creative ideas on our Facebook page

Clue Locations

If you’re looking for ideas for clue locations, or have suggestions of your own, please check out our list HERE.